Street Eats Food Truck Festival 2017

On Feb. 11, I attended the annual Street Eats Food Truck Festival in Scottsdale, AZ. Check out my coverage on the event and the different treats the event offered.


It’s time to end the stigma against eating disorders

NEDAwareness Week stimulates conversations about eating disorders

02/22/17 8:20pm

Body image issues and eating disorders are global problems. As long as we neglect talking about eating disorders, they will remain stigmatized and in the dark.

Fortunately, Feb. 26 through Mar. 4 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAwareness), which is hosted annually by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). According to the NEDA website, this week aims “to shine the spotlight on eating disorders and put life-saving resources into the hands of those in need.” … read more.

Black History Month is, was and always will be necessary

February provides an opportunity to bridge gaps and stimulate conversations

02/15/17 8:52pm

Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. are widely known African-American trailblazers for their achievements and steps they took to unify our country, amidst racial discrimination. However, there are many who came before and after them that go unnamed and unrecognized.

February, the shortest month of the year, is Black History Month. While there is arguably greater equality between races now than there was in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement, there is still so much that needs to change for an America with “with liberty and justice for all.” … read more.

ASU students should explore their surroundings and expand their knowledge

Students need to appreciate the cultural opportunities available at all four of ASU’s Valley campuses

02/08/17 8:41pm

Education in college goes beyond the walls of the classroom. College is a time for students to experience the world on their own and make discoveries in new environments.

Students can’t learn certain skill sets in a classroom, such as social or navigational skills. In order to develop those skills and get the most out of their ASU experience, students need to visit all of ASU’s Valley campuses and immerse themselves in their surroundings… read more.

Gluten-free is not just a fad

We need to treat diet sensitivities seriously

02/01/17 8:04pm

With the gluten-free diet fad becoming more prevalent, people forget about those who physically cannot eat gluten. Before judging those who eat a gluten-free diet or starting this type of diet, people need to educate themselves on the diet’s background.

Today, “GF” labels are common on food products and menus, likely because the gluten-free community has expanded immensely in the past few years due to the gluten-free diet fad… read more.

Stand up to legislation that limits diversity

ASU students should stand up for their education and unite against hate

01/25/17 8:18pm

Social justice, race, gender issues and religion are topics that are critical to understanding today’s political climate. The fact that the government is working to strip students of studying issues pertinent to our understanding of politics and the world as it functions is disheartening.

House Bill 2120, introduced in the Arizona State Legislature by representatives Bob Thorpe and Mark Finchem, would have banned classes focused around “social justice toward a race, gender, religion, political affiliation, social class or other class of people.” Thankfully, the chairman of the House Education Committee shut down the bill, stopping its progression for this legislative year… read more.

Cross-cultural communication spurs innovation

To help solve diversity issues, become bilingual.

01/18/17 8:47pm

With 80,000 students, diversity is everywhere on the ASU campus. Despite the incredible diversity that surrounds students, many still remain culturally isolated. Bilingualism is a powerful avenue to help connect people with different cultural backgrounds, and students should strive to learn a new language in college.

Taking the leap and learning any of the existing 7,000 languages as a new means of communication not only helps the cognitive abilities of the brain, but also helps strengthen one’s understanding of other cultures…. read more.

Dancing through the ‘Ghost Town’ vibe

JULY 9TH, 2015

Having played and gained musical experience from being in a band for 10 years, Dylan Jung decided a year ago to switch the way he created music, by becoming a DJ throughout Northern Arizona. Jung goes by the name Lounge Lizard D while playing. His next event is the Ghost Town Social on Friday, July 10, at the Spirit Room in Jerome.

The Ghost Town Social was created to take the place of the trivia nights that were hosted by Jung and his friend, who recently needed to take a break from the event. The trivia nights were booked for a few months out and in an effort to fill the bookings Jung decided to create the Ghost Town Social. The social occurs every second Friday of the month from 8 to 11 p.m. and is free for those 21 and older… read more.

Peeping panther on the prowl

JULY 2ND, 2015

Village of Oak Creek residents Blaine and Chris Rebillot woke up early Tuesday, June 30, to a mountain lion peering into their bedroom window.

The couple lives off Wild Horse Mesa Drive and their house is surrounded by Forest Service land. The location of their home leads to the sighting of a variety of different wildlife… read more.