We need your support to create better journalism

Stop bashing my major and the field of journalism

04/19/17 8:06pm

Liars. Biased. Nosey. Rude. Journalists have been called every name in the book.

Amid accusations of being “fake news,” trust in the fourth estate is dwindling. Journalism is becoming an unpopular profession and career choice for undergraduates, despite its crucial role in the government and society.

While people can have opinions about the media, if they don’t support the students who are studying journalism now, the relationship between media consumers and producers won’t improve in the future… read more.

Higher education institutions reflect gender inequality

Across the field of education, leadership needs to mirror the diverse student body it represents

04/05/17 8:25pm

Think about the number of female teachers you had growing up. Then think about the number of women in your school’s administration and on your school board.

Sadly, these numbers are not proportionate.

Women dominate the education service workforce, which was made up of 68.6 percent women in 2010. However, in 2011, women only occupied 27 percent of president positions in all higher education institutions.

In higher education, gender inequality exists when observing the abundance of men and the lack of women in roles of academic leadership. This inequality influences how students perceive gender roles and furthers the persistence of gender inequality… read more.